Vacation Photographer

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Vacation Photographer

Peter is a professional vacation photographer has enabled his guests to create lasting memories for themselves in beautiful locations. He not only shoots them as a tour guide but also leaves them enthused during holidays.

Book Peter as your vacation photographer and cherish your memories from Dorset forever. Peter is ready to capture your family vacation, engagement, honeymoon, anniversary, proposal or solo getaway to Dorset or Cornwall for a stunning travel photo shoot

He works his clients to capture the right photograph, every photograph that we take involves imagination and a trained eye to shape a picture that tells the real story. You can have the perfect portrait with your loved ones in a scenic location and cherish it for years to come.

Destination wedding photography

Peter Stephenson also offers some excellent destination wedding photography in the Balearic Islands. The rich landscape diversity of the Balearic Islands has been home to several striking and breath-taking wedding photo shoots.

Peter is also a gifted Personal Holiday Photographer with a genuine interest in his profession. As a travel photographer, his portfolio includes a comprehensive tour of the beauty spots and choosing exclusive locations to shoot. 

Peter specialises in shooting profiles for each guest, where he is capturing moods and emotions of their visit so that they can take vivid memories of their holiday experience.


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